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I have been trying to decide on a color to accent my DT Green.
At this point I have been leaning towards a dark red, or
burgundy. The most immediate problem is that this is not
one of the more popular colors available.

Duplicolor does not have anything that matches what I
am hoping for, and trying to blend colors out of a spray
can would be futile at best. (at least messy as hell) :)

Is there any brand of interior paint that comes in cans,
and assuming I can get the shade I want, would it then
require an AirBrush to apply it? Are there other quality
manufacturers that I can check besides Duplicolor?

Suggestions? Options?


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Ive tried silver, ive tried the poor mans Kameleon paint, ive tried red, but the best so far is what I have now. I suggest with going with a dark color no matter what. Id steer clear from the red because it would make it look like a huge Christmas tree lol. A dark silver I think would look good, possibly a gunmetal?

If money isnt an issue with you, you can always go to a shop and pick out a custom color for your dash. I had my dash sprayed by my shop with a black and light blue pearl. The topic of whether or not you should take it into a shop for paint has been discussed many of times and always has had split opinions. Id say take it into a shop and get it sprayed. The cons of this is it will be more expensive, but thats about it.. the Pros is that it will come out looking like glass and will be beautiful and you know the product will come out looking good. However, if you do it yourself you might mess up somehow. Its all up to you.


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Yeah, I am definitely going to keep it dark...anything bright would
just be.....wrong.

Unfortunately at this point money is a big limitation. It will be at least
the middle of next summer before i will have any improvement in
cash flow. Conversely, I am also a big believer in the "you get what
you pay for" and the "that is why they are the professionals " schools
of thought.

I guess I will just take my time, research, and get it done right the first time.

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Originally posted by: FastCat2002
...they can make you the color you want and put it in a can.

How would it then be applied?
brush seems out of the question, so I assume AirBrush?
Is so, could it be the type of machine used for model-making or
would it need to be more professional?

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