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hey any of you guys know where i could get tires cheap or do you have any tires your lookin to unload? my drag slicks aren't gonna do very well in the winter plus the baby is born in february so i need tires. i still have the 16's. i don't think i can afford to upgrade right now. i've checked the for sale column and had no luck so i figured i'd ask you guys! thanks for your help!
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Well, has good prices and is easy to order from. But then the tires are shipped to you and you have to find a good place to get them installed.

I also recommend you look at Discount Tire. They offer lifetime balancing and rotation on their tires and seem pretty inexpensive.
is discount tire a store then i assume? i've never heard of them.
discount tire is both a store and an online store..... i've been to them befo, but I can't remember where they are located. I believe on rt 12 (but that's huge, lol, sorry)
There are tons of Discount Tires.. I think there are 3 of them around me..
You can check the Discount Tire website to find locations.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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