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Tires gripping the road?

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...and I don't mean in the good way. Does anyone else find their tires grip the grooves in the road and force the car to veer left or right? I know this is normal to some degree, but mine REALLY grips the road and requires me to really hold on tight to the steering wheel to prevent it from veering. My suspension is aligned properly. I'm running GC/Koni/BAT Camber Plates/18" Velox/Avon rubber/OMP STS/ST200 RSTB. The front BAT adjustable camber plates have about 10-15,000kms (6-10,000miles). The car has been doing this ever since I upgraded my suspension and rims... which leads me to think it's not a bad front strut mount problem.

Any ideas? Is the increased "veering" just from the increased wheel size?

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Speaking to a friend of mine (that is also a mechanic) he told me this is normal with low-profile tires. If anyone would like to add to this, go ahead, if not I'll just leave this here for anyone else that might question this.

what size tires do you have, it is true with low profile tires they follow the road construction. i have 225-45-17 and they definetely follow the road, i personally love it like that. i cannot wait for my GCs and konis. i have way too much body roll for my taste.
I found that problem with my stock tires and wheels, I had them replaced with Yokohamas and it went away, same size as the stock ones. Now that I have 17's 225/45/17 Toyo FZ4's at the same time I replaced my tie rod ends and ball joints I had that problem again, that is until I got the alignment done, a little bit off makes a big difference. If your car is lowered the geometry has changed and you need to have your toe re-adjusted for bumpsteer. I did have that problem in my Jeep Wrangler and It turned out that my alignment toe setting was off( not enough toe in ).

Quick hillbilly check: take a measuring tape and measure the front of the tire side to side and then in the same spot measure the rear it should be the same if it is off that means your alignment is way off according to spec. It is a bit crude bit if you have done a lot of suspension and steering component changes it will get you to the alignment shop safely.
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