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Okay for those that want to come down to San Antonio, the time is getting close
I think it might be ready for a head count.
Here is a poll who wants to go to the TRACK and who wants to go to the DRIVEN.
I need to know so that I can start to get things ready ..
Also it is going to be my brother inlaws brithday on the 23 of june so we might go to a strip club who is up for that......bring all the 1 dollars that you can find ...

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i'm there, how far away is san ant? cause idunno if i might need a place to crash... but its almost a sure bet i'll be there...

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hey zero if you come down its call if you crash at casa de tony (my house )
its all good the wife said so, so we might also be throwing a partty

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rock on, hey i drove my friends bmw around for an hour or so the other day and i kinda got the hang of it, it was easier than i thought, but i still wanna drive a mtx cat
cause it was only a 318. and i wanna have some fun... which usually doesnt involve 4 bangers for me

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I'd love to... But the damn distance isn't worth it.
If I want to go to Cougarfest, I'm going to have to save up all my vacation time for that. And assuming all goes well, me n' Adidas are Michigan-bound come July 25th or so!!! Woohoo!
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