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Went temporarily insane so I am in the process of updating the site for once. Please forward me any pictures you may have of your cougar or meets we may have had. I guess everyone needs a hobby and mine... I guess was just doing this every once in a while. -shrug- You can email them to me or make a cd for me or whatever.

I will tho make a page of mods we do so it can someday help others out when someone needs to know how or what something is. So far, I have my Optima Battery Relocation pics. I am in the process of doing the 3L Upper Intake Manifold installation so will document that accordingly as well. Thanks to Jeremy for reminding me to take pics of the cable run.

Well, blah. More shows are coming up for the fall season so hopefully, we can have more meets and do more stuff to our cars. So yeah. And stuff.
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