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i was talking to this guy the other day that drives a probe gt. he said something about there being a secondary butterfly in the throttle body that dont open until 4,000rpm and that is why the cougar dont have power until 4grand. he said you can buy something that will open that secondary butterfly sooner. i was wondering if any one knows of this secondary butterfly and what he was talking about when he said you can buy something to get it to open sooner. b/c im thinking that if you can get that secondary butterfly to open soon, the cougar will be a little quicker off the line.

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The probe had 2 sets of secondary butterflies that opened via vacuum at a certain RPM...

The Cougar has a set of butterflies in the lower intake manifold, that blocks off 6 of the 12 runners and open around the 3200rpm mark.

Neither car has extra butterflies in the TB... And these butterflies were added to help produce lower end torque...They are ***** in the higher end, and open at a bad time...Proper ECu tuning can change their open points.
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