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was a good time. It was pretty much just for me :) since only Vod, Knibbs & I showed up at Tony's. And when this kid says Six Flags is in his back yard it seriously is. You could hit baseballs into the park...

The mods done were swapping Vod's Koni's w/Ground Controls for my stock setup and installing my Roush rear sway bar. I was pretty much all-thumbs so Knibbs & Tony went to town tearing the stock setup out, tho I helped w/the Roush bar :) Tony was the hero of the day with the impact gun....hurray for rusted bolts!

Fast forward about 5 hours later and it was time to drop the rear...lowered the touch ground....lowered jack some goes down some more...jack fully tuck up into the wheelwell :) Wow...that's low. Oh...and the car almost killed Tony because it felt 2 jacks & 2 jack stands weren't enought to support the rear :( But Tony, with beer muscles of magnitude, pushed the car back as we scrambled to support it again. *Whew*

Couple hours later it came time to lower the front...lowered the touched the ground....lowered jack some goes down some more...jack fully resting on jack still...not letting go. Guess I'll be keeping my stock jack afterall...

The car looks good, even tho it's sitting on tires with a 55 series sidewall (read: balloons). I need to raise the rear up tho cause I'm draggin ass back there. Oh...and the car handles un-farkin-belieably tight. I took some offramps posted for 25mph doing 50mph and the car didn't so much lean an inch. She was glued to the rails the whole time. But leave it to Knibbs to scare me by saying that my ass is tight (skittles!) because of the Roush bar and I run the risk of the rear breaking out in a turn. But I think the tires I have now will fold before I hit that threshold. It's seriously like having a whole new car right now, crazyness I tells ya. (Sorry Jay :()

I can't thank Jay, Mark & Tony enough for the help they gave me. Cause at some points it was a struggle. I'll have pics up sometime this week.

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Yes, it was plenty fun. Flying around corners doing at least twice the posted speed limit is no more for my car... :(. My car is now ridin high. Stock height of the 01/02 variety. I still can't believe I ended up with Mark's struts.

Maybe next year I'll have a nice suspension again. Got sick of the credit card payments so had to pay em off. I'm hoping to drop my debt down from ~$2000 to at least ~$500 by the end of this month. Already 1/2 way there. :thumbsup:
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