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so the other day my wife and i are hitting some places in town. a couple of kids in a fugly honda, at least i think it was a honda, get behind me and start following really close. by the way my biggest pet peev is tailgaters. so this honda has a different color for every part of the body, lol.....really silly ****. about a half a mile i get upset cause he's right on my ass. i speed up to pass one car and pray for the light to turn red. sure enough, the little ricer stays in the other lane and is reving the **** out of his.......well, ****. i just look at em and shake my head. their all pointing and mouthing ****.............anyways, light turns green and his ass was mine. so i slow to the speed limit cause my loving wife pointed out that i was doing 80 in a 35, lol. so he does a flyby and slams his brakes and flashes his lights, i never flashed mine by the way. my wife kinda went, "WTF was that?!?". it was so cute but i threw it down a gear, got over on their ass to pass a couple of cars. i got beside em......rolled down my window, held out my arm, and extended a finger...........making sure to rev my engine and take off again. showing that i can be just as childish;)

isn't it funny though that after the race i recalled seeing a black 360 modena, 5 - 10min after it happend i asked my wife if she saw it. she just laughed at me....................anyone else do that during a race. i'm sure some of you have.

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