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the clear gauge window

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how do i remove the clear window or covertat is over my gauges it seems to be melts or hs adhesive on it
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I've never heard of anyone removing the cover, just taking the dash apart and going in from behind to get the guage clusters out. I have no idea if the cover comes out or not, but chances are if it does you have to take the whole dash apart to get to it.
remove your cash just like when you paint it, there's a bunch of screws holding the clear plasic to the rest of the guages, that's about it.
i think he's referring to actually removing teh clear plastic from the rest of the gauge can take a dremel to it. that's what i was told.
yeah i was thinking if i put it in the oven maybe it's like the light adhesive.
I'm thinking if you put it in the oven your more baked then your gauge cluster will be. or more cracked. you have the led mile read out right? ... ever heat up a digital watch face?
i actually used a soldering gun and started basically heating up the thing and it worked fine. the only drawback is that all the black plastic stays on the gun and it smells horrible
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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