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I've got some problem on my car but.... now I'm looking to manifolds:
In my previous one I felt a "better kick" on secondaries opening... please....some one can tell me exactly the measures (in mm, plese) of standard and SVT UIM,LIM (it has two measures too:the upper and the loower) and Exaust Manyfold?

I'dd like to replace them on the new one, but only if they're SVT's, otherwise I'll need measures to get them to be customized.

I've also checked the calibration files: in my previous PCM I've got a "rev unlimited" file KHAI4A4.HEX (I'm suspecting that was a MTX Sport), someone have this too? (I've tryed to swap PCMs, but unsuccessfully 'cause I got a "PATS not recognized" and "low-cooling-fan not connected" errors).

My old engine is a 2.5V6 MTX '99 Return style Fuel... It has two fuel pats, but I've seen inside the fuel pump that the return path ends in a cap, not into the pump.... It is still a Return style or not?

I've read in the FORD T.I.S. that the whole differences between 2.5 170HP and 200ST are in:
SVT UIM&LIM, Dual Exausts (and Exaust manifolds??), Intake filter,camshaft timing (and PCM calibrations??or injectors??).
It is true?
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