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I would like to know where would be the best place to purchase system equipment for the best price. I'm looking for 2 12's, an amp, box, cd deck, three way speakers for the door and back, and cable. Any recommendations.

Email: [email protected]

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Well, my first reaction is to tell you to support your local custom car stereo shop. They are there for a reason. They know what they're doing (usually) and you can always take it back to them for warranty help later on down the road. Otherwise, you'll either have to do all of the labor yourself or pay them MORE than their usual fee for installation (since you didn't buy it from them), and you will have to hassle directly with the manufacturer to get warranty support.

Other than that, if you're dead-set on getting car audio gear through the internet I can't recommend any place but MMXpress. John will take very good care of you, because he's that way with all of his customers. Good luck.


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To counter Keane,

I'm in it for me. I do all my own work anyway. I don't want others screwing with my car. I want the best product for the money, and a local shop will not do it for me. Too much overhead. All sites I listed, except Ubid, have better customer support than I could possibly get at a local stereo shop because they know thier products. Tech support knows so much more about the products than the guys down the street that just look up specs and guess box sizes or use off the shelf ones.

I also know how my system is hooked up. So if there is a problem, small or large, I know where to look. Even if it might be covered by the local guys, I have to schedule time to stop by there, maybe leave the car for a day. PITA if you ask me.


Sorry, I just think an educated buyer can have at least as good a chance at getting a quality system, at much lower prices.

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