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System Finally Done (56K Warning)

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System Finally Done

Jeff (Kougar4). Thanks alot for the help. Finally got the carpet in and finished it off today.


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What kind of sub is that. Vern CLEAN install. Looks Good.:thumbsup:
Definitely one of the cleanest and nicest setups I have seen. An A++++ from me.
did you do that your self if so how long did it take??
lookin really good tom:thumbsup:
supa clean! I like the spare tire door!

You should totally have that done in vynal though, that would give it more of a show look for sure.
I like alot, I was looking for an Idea like that. Some thing that does not take away all my trunk space.
Great Job!
is that an 8" sub or does the enclosure dwarf its size?
Is that an 8" sub?
I love your install very clean:thumbsup:

I wish I could do that with mine but I rather have big subs
Thanks for all the compliments....... Yes, It was done in my garage, but not without the major help of Kougar4.....He had the know how. The sub is a 10" MTX Blue Thunder. It is enclosed in a custom sealed fiberglass box, and yes, we layed that ourselves too. It only took a full weekend, but I ran out of carpet and had to wait a few weeks until it came in. Well worth it though.
clean business :)
I think it looks very good myself, oh wait did it along with the help of shak.

for all that liked his, i will post my picks of my truck soon

but thanks to all that liked it, i hope that you enjoy it Tom
Looking good Tom and Jeff I cant wait to see yours since you were still working on it the last time I seen ya
compliments....very haha
so you covered the fiberglass in carpet? i think it might have looked better without. but it looks sweet as it is. but it also kinda looks like it could have just been done in MDF, and saved you 2 the trouble and money of fiberglassing it. but then again, if your an audiophile, you might like the fiberglass sound a ot better. but i guess it was just a thought lol. nice set up though. i like it a lot.
My pic of my system have been posted (Kougar4 Stereo System)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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