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SVT Throttle Body help

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I have an SVT throttle body and was wondering what parts I need to install it on my cougar and if it is possible? Also wondering what if any gains to expect. Thanks for your help.
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i hear you just unbolt yout throttle body and all the stuff on it, put the SVT on then put everything back together
You need a different throttle bracket as the lever for the throttle body is on the opposite side than stock. You may need a new throttle cable. Also need a gasket.

You'll need the TB cable, bracket, and gasket, along with an SVT TPS. Check the zipped Word doc in my sig link for details on the P/Ns... The most difficult part is going to be calibrating the SVT TPS if the TB you bought didn't come with it- It has to be calibrated to about .05 Volts. If it's out of tolerance, you'll have drivability problems. I would recommend you let a dealer do it, unless you have an AutoTap.

Hope this helps,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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