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My Cougar has a sunroof and I can't stand the open-close button being at the top of the car beside the dome light.

So I want to move that entire button to either center console (next to the e-brake) or make buttons out of two of the blanks next to the rear defroster (one opens, the other closes). (I like the first idea better).

My question is has anyone else done this, and if so, did you run into any problems when you did it? (I know how I'm going to do it, but before I start pulling out wiring and consoles, I want to know if there's anything I should be careful of.)

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I havent done it but it probably wouldnt be that hard. I would just trace the sunroof wires back out of the headliner and splice in down somewhere by the dash leaving the stock wiring to the original button in place. Then route the wires to a two pole switch mounted in the console and that should be it. The sunroof and power-windows are wired to the same fuse under the dash so I would just be careful not to splice too close to the fuse block and get the windows instead.

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Well FYI on those who are interested... this is what I did about this little sunroof switch move...

First, I took out the overhead dome light and console, leaving just the wires and harness hanging down from the ceiling.

Second, I removed the sunroof switch from the console.

Third, I removed the entire center console... you know... where the "cup spillers" are on the 99-00s...

Fourth, I ran 5 wires from the hole in the ceiling where the overhead console should be... across the headliner... down the driver's side pillar, under the dash, and out by the gear shift... leaving slack to attach the harness...

Fifth, I measured and cut a hole for the sunroof switch in the center console, I set the switch in place and siliconed it from the back side.

Sixth, I cut the harness off the factory wires and spliced my new wires to the factory ones. Then, I spliced the harness back onto the end of my extention.

Seventh, I put the center console back in place... connecting the harness as I went. Then I put the overhead console back in place.

Everything works just fine that way, and I don't have to reach up to open and close the sunroof each time. If any of you decide to do this, make sure you test the system before you put everything back in place. I know I did... I didn't want to have to take everything back out if it didn't work.

If you have problems with the sunroof later down the road, Ford may try to claim that this mod voids the warranty. However, if this happens, simply explain that it's the MECHANICS of the sunroof going bad, and the wiring of the current can in no way affect the mechanics.

Now... you've got to figure a way to fill in that hole where the orig switch was on the overhead console. You can purchase a new overhead console, but on last check from the dealer, those were close to $90! I've just left mine empty for the time being... I plan to install an LCD instead of the overhead later down the road.

If you have any questions, let me know!
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