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I have a viper alarm for my coug and i have seen one done with a sunroof module... What happens is when the alarm is armed the sun roofwill close, and you can open it via the transmitter also. i have the window mod that lets me roll my windows up and down via the transmitter, but i need install help on the sun roof.

I have taken it to several install shoppes but they will not work on it because of the sunroof defect reputation.

tha part number i have is a dei 530t its a window module.

Also i have a problem when opening the sunroof all the way i cant close it with the switch. I have to take the headliner down and use an allen wrench to give the mechanism about a half turn the it will let me use the switch to close... there must be a sensor that detects when it is all the way open and it cuts power to prevent a burn out, the problem is i cant find it to fix.

ANY help on the sunroof wiring would be usefull.

Thanks guys!

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Sorry, I don't have the wiring diagrams. :)

And I'd PM this to you but your PMs are off: You may want to remove the profanity from your signature, as it's against the rules here. :)
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