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Sudden, complete loss of power on 2002

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I just pulled out of my driveway for work this morning and my car's power cut out when I shifted to drive. Even the odometer is blanked. I checked the battery and it reads 12.6V and the terminals are super clean.

My other identical car has been sitting a while and its battery isn't strong enough to start it, so I've got a charger on that one for now, but I was hoping I could get some idea of how to troubleshoot the totally dead one. My guess is some sort of fuse, but it would have to be a main fuse because everything is out. Is there such a thing?

Thanks guys... My cougars left me stranded!
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The engine fuse box diagram has this promising entry:

4560Main power supply to vehicle electrical supply (Ignition relay)

I think I'll check that one first.

ETA: Nope that fuse was fine.
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No, it's a 60amp fuse in the engine fuse box.
It sounds like your saying there's no power to ANYTHING.
That narrows it down pretty well to the battery cable from the battery to the fuse box (Battery junction box) in the engine bay, or maybe the box itself but probably the cable.
Thanks for the diagram. I was worried it might be the 175A fuse but I see that's isolated on the alternator side of things, so that's good... You're right, the thing is totally lifeless so it's gotta be the wiring... So bizarre that it would just die like that... I bought an automotive power probe to poke around with; should be here tomorrow.
Yeah, it was dumb. I tightened this bolt and it came back to life. I'm going to go ahead and clean that corroded link on the left...

I think the other car that's been sitting unused for months is going to need a bit more TLC, but that's another matter.

Thanks guys for the accurate diagnosis.

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