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sub size mixing?

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<DIV>Hey guys, just a few quick questions. I currently have 2 12w0-4 JLs (125 watts, single vc). Now I have the chance to get a 10w6 for dirt cheap. Can I have that in the coug with the 2 12s? What about in the same sealed box? I was planning on making a fiberglass box to hold all 3, would I have to separate the 10's air space from the 2 12's air space? Also any amp recommendations for the 10w6 300 watt rms duel vc?

Any help would be great
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Any reason you wish to stay sealed??

You could try porting the two 12s. And if you want an AWESOME box that looks hella good, visit Powered4Sound Their snailshell boxes are a new design that gets louder and sounds better than any other box! (Except their upcoming centerfold design, which will only be available for 6.5"s"

They offer their boxes in MDF or Plexiglass, I would get the plexiglass, it looks hella awesome!!! (You need to email them if you want to order a box for two subs, their site hasn't been updated recently. The box to hold two is called a Doubleshot Snailshell.)
i would suggest doing the fiberglass because it looks the best. unless your planning on spl, then wood is probably ur best bet. and definitely separate the 12's from the 10 cuz most 10's are built to hit sharper and quicker while the 12's will hold out the bass note. probably would sound pretty good to have both so you can have sharp notes along with long rattlers. im guessin that'll take up your entire trunk space with that setup tho. good luck.
The reason most people don't port the boxes they make is because if you don't have nice equipment or a lot of patience to tune them they don't sound anywhere near as good as sealed boxes :)
yeah I think I going to stay with a sealed fiberglass box. One other question I forgot to ask, the sub is dvc 6 ohm, in series its 12 ohm and in parallel its 3. Do I have to get an amp that will have an o/p of 3 ohms? or would 2 or 4 be ok?

thanks again
Let's just stick to the basics here.

You're talking about mixing two of JL Audio's entry level subwoofers with one of JL Audio's best subwoofers, and to top it off you have two 12" subwoofers and one 10" subwoofer.

It isn't a good idea, but (technically) it can be done.

It sounds like you've got the two 12W0s on one amplifier and another amplifier for the 10W6. That's a good idea. However, you should NOT put all three subwoofers into the same airspace. You can make it look like they are all in the same box (by having a common baffleboard), but given the 10W6's greater excursion capability than the 12W0's and the different amount of power to each subwoofer you really need to give them separate enclosures.

If you really want a third subwoofer, your best bet would be to get another 12W0 or sell the two you have and get three of something else that are all the same. That will make your little project much easier to manage.
with the 3ohm sub , just make sure ur amp can handle as low as a 3ohm load. a 2ohm rated amp works fine.
I dont know about you guys..but subs in sets of 3 never turns out good....sound is almost ALWAYS should never mix subs because yes it can be tuned...but the chances of it sounding good are slim and none...the other thing you have to watch out for is when the subs have to make VERY sure that the waves do not cross each other..cause then all your doing is cancelling out our subs...

for example...if you have 2 subs sending just say a frequency of 300 and then the 10 sending 200..when the waves cross in the same air space...your only hearing a total frequency of 100.

all in all....mixing sub sizes is not a good idea...if you want your 12's to hit like a mother...i would say port the box 1 cubic more than the recommended.

hope it helps...

The only way that I have heard of doing this is by separating the frequencies. Basically, you could run low frequencies through a 15" and mid frequencies through a set of 12" or 10". In theory, this would give you the best bass response and lowest distortion for each frequency, but it's not too practical. I don't think it would sound good to have mismatched subs running together.
jl's are designed to run in 3's hence the 6 ohm capabilities...however i would not recomend the different sizes you are considering...i had two 12's and two 8's at one time that sounded incredible...if i were you i would sell the wo's and keep the entry level w3..with the right amp that sub will probably hit as hard or harder then the 2 12's anyway...then i would save up and get a matching 10w3...if your going for sound quality then i would have to say use a combination of MDF and fiberglass to dress it up...and i would also stay sealed it uses half the space of ported boxes and sounds better too..i also have to agree that simple physics will prevail here and those subs you have will cancel each other out to some degree...good luck with this...
thanks for the replys guys, I think im going to take a chance and test the 3 out, if it doesnt work out I have a friend who is willing to buy the sub off of me for the same price I bought it. So no harm in trying right?

I have gone to about 5 different audio stores to find the best amp for what I am trying to power, so far I have found that the alpine MRP-M350
or the Rockford Fosgate Punch 301M
are what I am looking for.

Now these are both respecable brands right? The alpine does have 50watts more then the fosgate but it costs a bit more. The "optimum" watts for the JLw6 is 300watts at 3 ohms. The amps are 300/350 @ 2 ohms and 200/150 at 4 ohms. Since the subs are at 3 ohms and the amp at 2, will the sub pull less power from the amp making me fall short of the 300 watts for the sub? :confused:

thanks again
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anybody? :(
anybody? :(
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