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I am selling the Sony InDash Tv along with it I got the sony cd changer and xm radio and tv tuner that is all compatible and run together. All of it is brand new just bought this passed June. Sucks I got to get rid of it but I dont want any of it in my new truck so I am sellin it all. I also got a Farenheit DVD/MP3 Player that I had mounted in my glove box I will give you with the TV if you buy it.

Attached to this post if the picks of the sony xm tuner and the tv tuner.

Prices on Crutchfield are as follows.
TV - Sony XAV-7W - 799.99
Tv Tuner - Sony XT-63V - 299.99
XM Tuner - Sony XT-XM1 - 249.99
TOTAL FOR THESE 3 ------------------
$1349.97 OUCH!!
I will sell every thing TV, XM, TV TUNER, CD CHANGER, and DVD PLAYER and the only thing you need to buy is a XM Antenna cause I couldn't not get mine off the car it had some kind of super double sided tape on the it. So i said hell with it and left it on. I am asking 900.00 foe verything but I am willing to work with the price

E-mail me at [email protected] or reply here and let me know what you want and how much planning to spend on it and we can work something out.


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