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i think you should ask this in audio electrical... to answer some of your questions..

you will have to pull your headlights out and disconnect them..there is three screws to take out to remove your lights you will also have to pull the front grill out too...check your owners manual for headlight bulb replacement...that will get your headlight housing out of your car and then you can open the back of the light and have access to the insides...

depending on how your strobes look you can place them in the spot up top of the light where the sun sensor would go...if you have the "U" shaped strobes then you will have to find a spot for a pic of your strobes...

you may have to open your lights right up by heating them and poulling them completely appart so you can place the strobes infront...

also what year is your car and what style of headlamp assembly do you have??
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