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Some of you may have seen me on here before under the name xxlokougarxx, so really im not a newbie looking to ask an annoying question. I just got my car back from the shop and they put the stock foglights in the bumper, except one problem they didnt hook them up. Ive had the PIAA 1200x series foglights for over a year now, so basically Ive only dealt with those and there hook-ups. My main question is, How hard is it to hook up the stock foglights? Does anyone have a how-to step by step procedure to do this? Also I have the switch from the PIAA foglights in my cabin of the car next to where you turn on the car-lights, is there a way i can connect a wire somewhere from my stock foglights to my piaa switch?, instead of using the switch for the reg. lights? if anyone can help me, please pm me or email me at [email protected]
All help is greatly appreciated

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Actually, hooking them up to the switch you already have seems like the easier way to go. It would be little more than connecting the wires to the new fogs. Otherwise you'd need a new headlight switch I believe. If you've already got that other switch there I'd use it. As for the actual wiring I'm guessing you'd just run the wires in series. I haven't been to Audio/Electrical yet, but if you haven't posed this question there yet you may want to since a lot of the audio/elec people don't stray too far from that category. Either that or ask at Team Neco.
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