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sticky shifter...

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no, it's not mechincal problem. I spilled 44 oz of seirra mist in my front seat few days ago. I cleaned the seats and carpet and everything is back to normal except some of the sierra mist must have spilled into the ATX shift gate. Now everytime I go to take it out of park, it sticks and I have to jiggle it until it's unstuck. can I use some cleaning solution and wipe down the shift gate without damaging the transmission? I figure that can't be as bad as having seirra mist for transmission fluid.
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the transmission is nowhere near the shifter (its mounted right under and kinda next to the engine) so you wont damage anything at all by using cleaning stuff there.
thanks Nick. I wonder if there is an easy way to take apart the shifter cover so it can be cleaned?
yup, but you have to take the entire center console out..

you'll have to remove the shifter, then take out the ashtray and bezel around the lighter and unscrew the two screw there, on the kickpanel there is a screw on each side (hidden by a cover) and a couple screws in the bottom of the storage bin under the armrest... take all the screws out.. yank the console back a tad and then you should be able to pop the area around the shifter up and remove it..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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