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Since my post on this was in the FAQ section, it's been deleted... so here I'm posting it again... in the How-To section... enjoy!

1) Stop by or call your local Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer and order part number F8RZ-6342528-AA. (Should be between $10 - $15 and take about a week to deliver.)

When the part arrives...

2) Start by either:
a. (Recommended) Spray WD-40 generously over the existing COUGAR
badging and let sit for a good 10-15 minutes.
b. Heat with a hair drier until the badging begins to move easily
with a simple tug.

3) After you've completed either 2a or 2b, take a piece of fishing line and work it behind each letter of the badging, cutting the letter and the majority of the adhesive away from the car's hatch.

4) After you've completed 3, either:
a. (Recommended) Respray WD-40 generously over the area where the
old COUGAR badging was.
b. Spray or rub GOO-GONE generously over the area where the old
COUGAR badging was.

5) After you've completed either 4a or 4b, use a soft cloth and carefully rub away all the adhesive that was left on the car's hatch ofter you completed 3.

When you've removed all of the old COUGAR badging...

6) Wash your Cougar, making sure to get it as clean as you possibly can.

7) Dry your Cougar, making sure to leave no water spots anywhere on the car.

8) You've been needing to do this for a while anyways, so go ahead and wax your Cougar. This will hide most of the scratches on your car that Civic owners have been giving you with their keys, and also it'll protect the paint in the area where your old COUGAR badging used to be.

After you've washed, dried, and waxed...

9) Remove the new COUGAR badging from the factory pouch and cut through the both layers of backing between each letter.

10) Take two pieces of printer paper and tape them together the long way, making one 8.5" x 22" piece. (If you don't have a printer, go buy one and some paper... you'll probably need to print these directions out anyways so you're not running back and forth from the car to the screen.)

11) Mark a line across the entire 22" length approximately 1" from the top.

12) Now, draw lines from your 22" line to the top at 1" from the right and left hand sides.

13) Now, draw the same kinds of lines 3.2" from the previous 1" lines and then draw another line from your new 1" lines.

Here's an illustration if you're not quite sure what's going on here...

- 1" - - - 3.2" - - 1" - - - 3.2" - - 1" - - - 3.2" - - 1" - - - 3.2" - - 1" - - - 3.2" - - 1" -
|<- 22" ->|

14) Now, take a piece of clear tape (don't use paper or duct tape!!) and make a perfectly horizontal line across the rear end of your car, just below where you want your C O U G A R badging to be.

15) Now, place a piece of tape in the center of your 22" paper guide and tape that part to the rear of the car, making sure the paper is centered on the rear of the car.

Now you should look somewhat like this...

- - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE

16) Begin by removing the paper backing from the G and place it in the middle of the 1" block where the G should be, with the bottom of the letter lined up with the top of the taped line.

17) Repeat for the U, A, O, R, and C, in that order, making sure that each letter is lined up with the center of it's 1" box and making sure the letter is square with the other letters.

When you get done, it should look like this...
- - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE - - - - TAPE

18) Remove the paper guide and then the taped line. Remove the clear backing from the C O U G A R letters.

19) Wash again to remove fingerprints and tape prints if you want.

20) Drive around town and showoff... you're probably one of the first few people in your area to have a car that looks like this (but Civic owners are soon to follow... !!)

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me anytime...
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