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SP Motorsports adds new items - 3/29/01

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SP Motorsports is now selling the MSDS headers. A dyno plot is posted as well.
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Mmmm... 30 additional horsepower...
Sure looks like it. I don't know what's going on there.
Yup...that bone stock '95 they listed was a 95 V6 Contour......i dont think they had any dyno numbers from any other V6 Powered Contour/Cougars to compare the runs to.... Didnt the early Duratechsonly put out 165HP to the Crank?

No, they were 170 too. The 95's also had a better suspension than the later SE's.
Hey when did Mercury start the SVT on the Contour?
FORD started the SVT in production for `98 (E0). they updated it halfway through the model year (as a 98.5 model, called the E1) to include a slightly stronger engine and better looking wheels.
The website said $585 for headers and high flow with y pipe, isn't that cheaper than the neco discount?
How do you get a NECO discount?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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