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as the title says we really want a meet down in the dirty south. aka Southern Ma, i know of at least 2 other ppl that may wanna join CougarSC being one of them and i cant remember the other persons name... Regardless itd be nice to have a meet down here before the snow hits and stuff.. potential at ColeState park in Bristol RI... any one else interested please post.. i can help out Mark set things up to an extent.. school is killin me


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here is how anyone can start a meet in mass/conn..

MEET (date) (place)etc...

*meet info*

that's it. it's not guaranteed that many people will show up, but just plan it or whatnot and see what happens. tony hosted a mod meet at his house a couple weekends ago, with only him, me, knibbs, and jscullin showing up. still had a good time.
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