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Ok people. I have been offline for some time yet again. Been very busy with work and what not. I just got new rims last week and I have pics coming of those and my car for the site. I need a logo decal as well if I can get one now. I want it in all yellow and big enough to fill up my back window(if that is possible). Now, a little update on my car. everything I had is gone except my new rims. I still have my sound system and thats it. I have a y-pipe with no muffler, and my car has been chipped on the hood and bumper badly. I am in the process of getting that fixed(painted later in the summer). I have a total of over 80,000 miles now. I know, I travel all over the place....Now I think if it is possible (heather we need to discuss this) I suggest a meeting in Springfield sometime soon is that too far? let me know...well, gotta me everyone if you need to let me know if something. I may not be on here that much...
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