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From another board I'm part of. Cut and paste this on any other boards you're a member of and spread the word. BTW, it came from MWIR so don't post it there...


ok, so its cold out now. nothing to do....Come to Anthony's and hang out without police intervention for as long as you want. If you are looking to set something up there is a great spot around the corner.I am trying to hit a personal sales goal at Anthony's and to do so I am going to cut prices on our food alot for this weekend. So this saturday only I will be leaving the doors open till midnight and I will be offering big discounts to anyone that walks up and refrences this site. Tell as many people as you want. If you are still there I will stay open even longer then midnight.....whatever it takes. so help out some local members and get your asses in there and buy some good pizza.


18W535 Butterfield Rd
Glen Ellyn IL

on the corner of Park and Butterfield next to Park Liquors

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Just to let you all know the background of this place...

MWIR is a local Chicagoland Car/Racing Forum ( One of the members of that board bought a pizza place a few months ago, and has been holding weekly meets there. Tuesday's I believe.. It's basically a cruise-in that police cannot break up, because it is sponsored by the business. It's also a place where people set up street races (*Does not condone street racing). I've heard that the attendance is pretty big, so there'll be a lot of cars there.

I've been there once, and they have good pizza. I plan on going this saturday also, so if anyone wants to meet me up there, be my guest! It's down the street from College of DuPage.
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