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Sloppy Shift fix

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Last week I noticed that after I shift into gear the shifter had about 1-2 inches of travel forward and reverse, it would stay in gear but just had alot of slop. I decided to investigate. On the end of the shift cable there's a white connector attached to the shift mechanizm on the transmission. The transmission has a little nipple on the end of it, sort of look like a high pressure hose fitting, any way the connector on the end of the cable is attached to the nipple. On the end of the cable there's a opening for the nippli to go into, however there' a rubber bushing that's supposed to keep everything tight. My bushing was shot, it was torn up.

So to fix this, what I did was cut about 1/2 piece of hose and about 1/4 inch in diameter. The overfill bowl for the radiator has a overspill hose. I cut off a peice of it. I attached the house to the nipple and put the connector end of the cable over it. secured it all with a tie strap and there it is no more shift slop.

Hope it helps people with similar probs
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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