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side markers install

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ford broke my side markers trying to put them on how do i do it myself thanks
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here you go!!
Take care -- Ford put my driver's side sidemarker on upside down -- so I pushed and pushed to no avail... didn't occur to me until I was practically prying it out that I noticed that it was backwards.

If under reasonable pressure they don't come out, try pushing the opposite direction.
I broke my orange ones taking them out. Glad I was putting on blue ones instead of changing bulb. :biggrin:
It's easy as pie pulling them when they're installed right. Were yours reversed too?
Mine was reversed too, the one on the passenger side for some took my dad and I like a half hour just to figure that one out. Those Ford folks are pretty sneaky.
That was a pretty frustrating event. I got the nice new blue sidemarkers... and the passenger side came off easy as pie. But the drivers side wouldn't... and I pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled... I almost broke it.

So, anyone and everyone.... if you're replacing yours or just changing the bulb.... it should be fairly easy to push and pull it off. If it's not easy, go the other way... don't force it (too much :) ).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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