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Side Marker Question

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hello all, i just wanted some opinions on this, so bring it on... what combination side-marker do YOU think would go best with ash gold?


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smoked or black
black if you have other black stuff on your car, if not i would definitly go with SMOKED!!!
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what about on rio red???
Yeah, which side marker for a Rio Red does everyone suggests? Not getting clear, thinking either smoked or black to go with the rest of my stuff.
I am thinking about getting clear for my rio red cat. Although if I get the smoked Lund headlight covers then I will probably go with smoked.
I personally think that SMOKED looks the best on all the cat colors...
its freakin universal... hheheh
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I say smoke on all cars except silver, white, black and green. On those colors, I like the clear w/ white or silver...but that's my opinion. Overall, I like the smoke best. The headlights are tinted slightly, along with the windows, so the smoke fits...But on black...clear with white is best...
i have smoke sidemarkers on my SilverFrostcoug and i like em

and depending what you have on your car for accesories... i would think that clear or smoke would look cool on ash gold...

rio red ..smoke or black
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What exactly is the difference between smoked and black? it's hard to tell from the pic.
Smoke is alot lighter... its like the headlight assemblies... where Black is super dark... like blackout covers... hope this helps...
My turn,
What do y'all think of clear markers with the backing painted blue to match the color I'm gonna paint my calipers and cougar heads on the wheels and engine compartment?

hey Crispy, ya feel like painting?
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I'll help ya paint...... and before you paint anything check out what I did to my side markers at our next meet...
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can someone inform me of how to get some of these items called "side-markers"?????
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