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So its begun.....
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sup , my boy marc brought this to my attention , its a good thing for us to do for the less fortunate , ill be there , to show your car bring 5 cans of food . last years event was poppin and its gonna be even better . any questions email marc chow [email protected] . here is the post off of

That's right everybody, we're bringing it back!!!!
***2nd Annual Canned Food Tuner Meet***

No Awards, No Trophies, No Competition just good old fashion Charity

Going down Saturday, December 6th from 11:00am till whenever!

With the success we had last year, we had to bring it back! Not only are we bringing it back we also switched the location to accommodate for more cars, more entertainment and just an all around better place to kick it.

I am proud to announce that this years Tuner Meet will be held at the Scandia Fun center in Rohnert Park!!! Scandia has given us the entire back lot next to the race track (and some of the front if need be) to hold the event. With the games, race track, mini golf, cars and everyone hanging out to help those less fortunate, this event has the makings to shatter last years donations.

Don't let the title fool ya, you are able to bring other non perishable food items besides canned goods so bring whatever you would like to donate!!! All donations will go towards the Salvation Army. Tell a friend and lets get this going!!!

Along with the food drive we will also be holding a raffle for different items. Raffle tickets will be one dollar a ticket or six for five dollars.

I've been getting some questions on the raffle items and here's what we have so far:

Super Street has donated a VERY exclusive license plate! This is only given out to cars that are featured in the magazine. They are providing us with one and signed by the entire staff.

RJ DeVera has provided us with a signed poster to raffle along with other free give aways.

Pacific Rim has also donated some give aways as well as a Yoshihara shirt signed by the 2nd Place Driftshowoff / Best 16 D1 driver Dai Yoshihara

Team Hokori is also donating a tank of cool blue racing fuel.

DJ Harmonyze will have a mix CD to contribute to the raffle also.

All signed items will be signed "Thanks for supporting the Canned Food Tuner Meet!"

Others such as Endless USA have been kind enough to supply us with posters and give aways as well. (These are limited to the US so get there early )

JunctionProduce is working on getting somemore prizes and I'll let him fill you in on that when he has them locked. has donated tons of vinyl and free t-shirts!

So, any other suggestions? Should be a fun event, we've had alot of positive feedback so far. Club lexus, Speed Addicts, AVR and others have all confirmed that they will be there to support.

So who all is coming from the boards? Lets get a roll call going on!

if you have any questions feel free to email [email protected]

please spread the word i want to get as many people as possible to go to this , its a chance to see nice cars and give some food back to the homeless
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