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Short Shifter & E-Brake Removal

Ok, Thanks to JC Whitney, i have a new Shifter knob and a new E-Brake cover.

I put the shifter on and realized that it just doesnt look good at all with the shifter being so damn TALL, so i did a search and found a how to on 'how to make the shifter shorter' (posted below)

my main question lies with the e-brake... the e brake accessory i bought does NOT replace the whole ebrake, its just replaces the black handle part... my question is how do i get the black handle part OFF? does it twist off like the shifter knob?
(i tried and it doesnt seem to budge, but i didnt want to force it if that turns out NOT to be the way to do it)

For those who are like me, and want to know how to make the shifter shorter, heres a repost of what COUGARCT posted a while back:

stuff you need
universal shift knob
wire ties
flathead screwdriver
big pipe pliers
and torq set
and wire cutters

well to cut your shifter. i would recomend getting another one. if you can get one out of a junked cougar or focus this would really help you if you dont like it.

1. remove the shift knob, by turning it counter clock wise. remove the spring and the lil cloth washer and the rubber tube

2. remove the ashtray, this is done by pulling straight out.

3. grab the plastic piece under where the ashtray used to be that is connected to the shift boot. and you kinda want to lift and pull to the driver side door

4. the shift boot and the reverse lock should slide right off. since you are cutting the shifter down and you are removing the lock out feature anyway cut the wire tie that hold the shoft boot onto the plastic reverse lock tube

5. put it in 3rd gear. and hold it up in 3rd and with a long flathead screwdriver pry the ball and joint socket away from each other. ( this joint is located under the actual shift assembly. just follow the shift stick all the way to the bottom and youll find it.)

6. next step be very careful!!!!! there is a retaining clip(looks like a "C" and it has a small tab on it). my retaining clip was metal so i took the screw driver and put the flathead part on the tab and gave it a lil nudge and it slide right off. if your is plastic i recomend going and getting another one made outa metal. but if you are brave enough to go on , then try to carefully and gently remove it . it slides right out.

7. once the retaining clip is out the centering spring should slide right out of the shift assembly.

8. use a torq wrench or bits and remove the 4 bolts on the top of the assembly. (youll know them when you see them. they are the 4 copper color bolts looking right at you and are the only real bolts down there)

9. Ok this is where you could go 1 of 2 ways. 1 being if you went out and got a shifter from a focus and you have the rubber casing and the plastic swivel joint then you should be set, this is also true if you just wanna use the shifter you have now. 2 being you have just the stick .

10 if you are using a shifter that has the rubber casing and plastic swivel joint or are using the stock shifter then the reat is simple. all you have to do is to cut to a desired length. test it out by putting a universal knob on and seeing where you want the boot to rest. once you selected a place wrap some tape around the stick.

11. now to reinstall , just repeat steps 1-9 in reverse but before you put the knob back on take the shift boot put a new wire tie in and pull the smaller down (kinda like inside out"and tighten the tie and it should sit nicely then replace the knob and you have your self a home made short shifter.

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to remove the e brake all you have to do is pull the sleeve back , and pull the e brake lever, and locate the rivet. it should be on the driver side. drill this out and then you should be able to slide the handle up and there you go .. if you are looking for a great replacement james at has ones that fit perfect on cougar , no grinding or real modifications. all you have to do is drill out the rivet . slide off the stock handle. slide on the new one, tighten the small screw and your done.

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yep, what james sells sounds like what i just bought.
i bought a chrome one, and it matches my shifter & floormats :)

the ebrake leather boot / sleeve slides back enough? i thought it was held on like the shifter ...
oh well, ill try this, i have no doubt it will work .

thanks for the info once again cougarct!
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