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I was wondering if the V6 SHO engine from a 89-95 Taurus would fit in a 1999 or newer cougar. It's basically the same thing just. If it did fit what would you have to change? Such as a new computer or would it kinda bolt in with a few mods and you got a 220hp beast. The V6 SHO's ran a low to mid 6 second 0-60, and a high 14, low 15 in the 1/4 and they weigh 3400lbs. The cougar weighs around 3000lbs so im guessin it would do a low or mid 14 in the 1/4. Need help here.

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Jeez- If I had a dime for every time someone asked this exact question...

Not pointed at you directly, Ryan. On the outside, it seems like a natural course for an upgrade. The engines are the same type (24V DOHC V6s), and they even look similar. Trouble is that the SHO engine is a Yamaha, and the Duratec is a Ford/Porsche/Cosworth. They are only similar in the respect that they are both V6s- Nothing mates up, the computer wiring harnesses are all different, the intake and exhaust manifolds are in the wrong perspective, there's no direct hookup for the fuel rails, etc. It's a mess.

Now, it is POSSIBLE, but not without an exorbatent amount of money and a fabricator. 3L hybrid is the way to go- You can get 240-250hp out of those anyway over the SHO's 220hp. I recommend you visit the 3L Performance Forum, but please search and ask knowledgable questions. Us old mechanics get cranky at the noobs...
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