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Hey guys whats goin on?
I am the new guy, just about to get ready to start mods on my cougar.
I just recieved my Dragon Z kit as well as Henshin fenders.
And should soon get in my Aerogear Predator hood.
I'm looking for a shop that will do the work, and do it well within reasonable cost.
I live in a smaller town and none of these shops want to even do the work because of freakin ricers that take just about anything up there to get on their hondas.
so the ONE shop that would even consider was like almost 3K just for installation and paint.
Sounds outragous to me. Plus i can't afford it...

sooo any shops around sherman/dension that did yalls work would be great...

or any help you have to give...

thanks from the new guy


(also any shops you know that do good custom paint or vinyl around the area)

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First of all, WELCOME to Lone Star NECO...It's great to have you aboard!

I have NO idea where you live (never heard of the towns you mentioned)...Are you near ANY "larger" cities?

As for price, painting two bumpers, two side skirts and two fenders should cost WELL UNDER $1K (and you can install all these parts yourself without too much trouble)!

Pm me if you need to talk specifics about any of your needs!


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Dude, you didnt tell me you were from sherman denison area!
hell give me a shout... we have a shop here in durant who can do the work pretty cheap... they did my Roush kit and it was very reasonable...

let me know...
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