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Im gonna be selling my cougar cause I cant afford it and the insurance plus a house right now. House is more important so cougar has to go.

Here are the parts I am I need stock parts to replace them.

Kaminari Hood- full fiberglass- there is a crack going in between where the hood and latch meets, its easy to fix with fiberglass and some sanding. Silver frost

Drift rear in primer.

Aerogear Extreme Front-silver frost-bottom lip has some spider cracks in paint, no physical damage to fiberglass though.

Millenium Sides brand new in primer

Racing seats- Ractive- blue/black-comes with custom made brackets from RacerX

Injen Intake- used for about 5000 miles

Tail light covers-silver frost- needs repainted cause of bad paint job

2 guage pillar pod black no gauges...i also have 2 silver frost painted front pillars.

Thanks Jason

I also need almost the whole stock interior, the stock antenna, the trunk interior, stock grill, stock plastic engine cover, windshield washer fluid tank and lines.

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Damn dude sorry to see your Cougar go I liked that car alot are you selling the rims too?
sorry to see it go man

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i will sell the rims and tires if I can find a stock set for cheap or I could trade plus a little money.

sorry John about not doing the mods, but we can do it to the next car I get :)

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Millenium sides
Drift Rear
Tail Light covers
Pillar Pod

still have
Extreme front
Rims and tires

kaminari hood
racing seats
injen intake
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