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Seatman' XR Seats --- WOW!

I ordered the XR Black Leather seats with the red inserts from seatman. The transaction, communication, the price and most of all the seats was all great!

My 99 Cougar had the original cloth seats (which I will probably sell) with the normal wear. A few small cigarette burns from the previous owner which has always bothered me even though they aren't real noticable. So I contacted seatmen after reading some of the other seats he has sold.

They arrived today and I just had to install them right away! :) I couldn't wait! So in 25 degree weather, there I was in the driveway. Only took a few minutes (20 for the install and 5minutes to vacuum out the french fries from some distant year).

The new seats look great! Extra care was given them in the shipping. I wish my camera was working so I could post a picture.

Thanks Seatman! Your seats are the BOMB! I love them!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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