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I was sitting making a left turn at the 13 mile and Orchard lake light in Farmington Hills, and this silver cougar turned onto 13 mile. It appeared to be a 2000 it had purplish/blue graphics and similar color tail-light covers, looked somewhat nice.

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this cougar around the farmington hills area? I have seen it parked a couple times at the 7-11, but I have never been able to find the owner to chat with them. Just curious thats all. I'll try and take a picture of it next time.

Anyways, anyone live around the farmington / west bloomfield area ? I'm 16, so I can't travel to any meets, my parents won't really let me, but if anyone would like to grab a McDonalds or something one time let me know.

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never seen the car...i work in frankling though might have to grab some eats sometime
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