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Well I made nine of the fourteen autoX events scheduled for the Championship.. I finished in forth place in STX(N).

I wasn't sure I'd be able to finished the series.. I needed to drive in both of the last two events to qualify.. The day before the thirteenth event the Cougar's alternator died 35 miles from home. No work could be done on it until the next monday.. things looked bleak for me at that point.. But thanks to the great sportsmanship shown in this group I had my ride in STX. Rob, who ended up finishing second in our class, offered to share his WRX with me for event..

Well, the all-wheel drive, mtx subie took some getting use too after the Candy Striper.. Rob was a little unnerved after looking at photos taken at the event when he saw me tricycle his car on one of the turns in my first try at the course.. nice car.. wish they had built a Cougar with all-wheel dive..
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