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Running Lean Codes

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Ok, i got a CEL today so I ran over to Autozone to have them scan it and I got a P0171 and P0174(?). They are lean codes for bank 1 and bank 2. The car runs fine, except my last tank of gas seemed to go by pretty quick, but that was before I got the CEL, and I could just be imagining things.

As far as my mods, I only have a short ram intake which I put on a couple of months ago. I also replaced my belt with a gatorback a few weeks ago. Any help is greatly apreciated.

The guy at autozone recommended maybe a new fuel filter, I'm not sure if mine as ever been replaced since for the first 40k I did not own the car. Who makes the best fuel filter, and where can I get it. I was also thinking of dumping in a bottle of Techron.
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you could have a vacuum leak after your MAF sensor, check all the hoses on your Intake to see if they are secure. Check your EGR valve to make sure it's secure asell. Basically check anything attached to your manfifold. Lean conditions should definetly not be overlooked. It could potentially be a leaky gasket but not very likely.
Wow it really seems like my car is devourer the gas, is this normal? I just filled up late Sunday, and with the little bit of driving I do around town I'm almost down to half a tank, the gauge says I'm getting 14.6MPG. Is it trying to over compensate? Should I run a higher octane gas until I get this straightened out?
same thing just happened the other day to my car the engine light came on and took it to autozone right away to pull the codes cuz last time that light came on it was my tranny........well they pulled the codes and bank one is running lean and was also throwin a code for the O2 sensor so I gotta replace that and hopefully fix the problem as well as my air idler control valve needs to be replaced also....the cars gettin put up for the winter in a couple days so I gotta fix it and put her away.
most likely is your MAF sensor a bad reading could throw the computer to burn it lean based on miscalculations by the MAF
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