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alright, guys...every-1 here knows that i'm the most laid back moderator there probably is, but i think we need 2 discuss a few things................rules of the boards.

every-1 can read the actual full rules of the boards on here, but i'm gonna address a few things that pertain 2 r chapter.

1.) no extreme cussing...if u feel the need 2 drop the f bomb...then don't type it all out...put some **'s in there, etc.

2.) no name calling, kiddies...even if u'r j/k, don't call ppl b*tches, etc. if u wanna pick on some-1...then keep it somewhat pg rated.

3.) no random posting in topics that actually have a purpose.....such as the t & a member list thread.

i think that's it guys! :) thanx 4 reading!
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