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Rubbing noise during slowing.

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Okay bad news.... I think my Cougar woahs are starting... Anyways, I hit some nasty pot hole the other day by wooster, and after that, everytime my car is between 55 down to 10 there is a constant grabbing/rubbing coming from my front driverside wheel, or atleast I think so... Basically its like a grinding noise, but its only during slowing. I can feel it in the steering wheel so Im thinking its in the steering, or in the suspension that goes along with the steering. I dont think its a tranny issue because the tranny is shifting etc. just fine, but the constant rubbing sound worries me.
If anyone can help explain this I would love you in a non ghey way forever. Cuz Im gonna get it in a shop in about a month since I leave Sat. for school and figure I wont be driving it, but I would like to fix it myself and just have the shop or someone on here tell me whats wrong.
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How many miles are on your car? If you only experience the problem during braking then i would think it would likely have something to do with the brakes. Have you taken the tire off and inspected everything yet? I would look over everything and make sure nothing is bent or broken. Check all your bolts and make sure none of them are coming loose.
Visual inspection should tell you a lot. I would suspect a brake issue.
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