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Hi, i was just woundering how many people in the harrisburg area own a Roush cougar or one with the roush kit on it. I myself have a cougar and have just done all the roush stuff to it. I keep seeing one tho. its yellow and its got headlightcovers and a hood scoop on it. I was just woudnering whos it was.
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Jon - the owner of that yellow car is a girl named "Mandy". IH8CIVX talked to her once. Click here for that thread. She had just bought the car used, as it was being sold down at Sutliff Capital Ford for awhile. It is not a Roush cougar just has the kit. I have also seen a Lazer Red Roush Cougar a few times on Derry Street/Wal-mart/322 area (that is where I live). I haven't seen yours at all although I work on Fulling Mill Road. Mine is the winter dirt black one :)

**EDIT** I saw the one I am talking about today and it didn't have a hood scoop. :shrug:
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