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Rotor Meat

What is the minimum amount of "meat" a rotor can have before they should be replaced? All four breaks need changed and all 4 rotors have a nice size "step" in them from where the pad doesn't touch them. My dad keeps insisting they should be turned. But they don't look like there is much left to turn. I told him i'll find out for sure how much the minimum amount of stock can be there before they should be replace and i'll mic them up myself. I'll probably just replace them anyways, i know i could just tell him to let me do whatever, but i figured i'll measure them first just to put my dad at ease so he doesn't think i'm wasting money.

Edit: If you can give the amount in thousandths it would be better (.0000)

Edit2: nevermind, i found it in the chiltons manual i forgot i had. For searching reasons i will post the dimensions here.

1999 Mercury Cougar
Front rotor minimum thickness .870
Rear rotor minimum thickness .710
Rear Brake Drum Maximum Diameter 8.040
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