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7mm allen socket
15mm socket
pair of pliers
screwdriver (prying purposes)

Remove the caliper
- remove the rubber cap on the back of the caliper (there are 2, one upper, one lower) use the 7mm allen to remove the slide pins.
-with the pliers remove the wire/spring looking piece on the front of the rotor. It is held in with tension so be careful when removing so it doesnt fly somewhere.
- Crack the brake fluid reservoir cap open
- wiggle the caliper off the rotor, and string to the spring to move it out of the way (Do not let it hang by the brake hose)

Remove the caliper mounting bracket
-The bracket the caliper you just removed, is held on with 2 15mm bolts (again, one upper, one lower)
Remove these bolts

You may or may not see some washer type holders on the lug-studs
These temporarily hold the rotors in place, you can try just unscrewing them with your finger with some help of a smaller screw driver
and the rotor pops right off

Do NOT remove the large central nut in the middle of the rotor, this holds the hub and plays no ultimate role in the rotor removal
1 - 4 of 4 Posts