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I am offering free shipping on new Rox Gubbro rims.... They are chrome... 17".... New tires... I have driven about 50 miles on the rims and tires becuz my car sits and was being turned into a show car. But now that i am going away to college I got an explorer... I have more stuff coming for sale too as well... But I need these gone first.... I have a picture but it isn't working. I don't know how to make it smaller. PM me your email address and I'll show you the pics... The wheels have been taken off the car and are sitting in my room.. They were polished every other weekend (even when sittin there) They are in perfect condition. I bought them for $1,490..... Asking $1,200-$1,000 shipped.... $900 picked up.

Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio incase you decided to pick up

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