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Since most of the people on here probably don't have automatic climate control its probably just useful for europeans and the ones doing a conversion. But yes the automatic climate controls do have their own diagnostic mode. It can give you error codes for the electronic system.

Steps to activate:

(1) Ignition on
(2) Set the fan speed to AUTO
(3) Turn the fan on the windshield (all the way to the right)
(4) Briefly press the red button and AC button simultaneously and release again
(5) Briefly press the blue button
(6) Then "strange" characters appear, that takes about 30 seconds.
(7) The error is then displayed

Error Codes:

20 22
Short circuit in heater flap servomotor circuit

24 25
Fault in the heating flap servomotor control

Short circuit in the interior sensor circuit

High resistance interior temperature sensor

40 42
Short circuit outside temperature sensor circuit

41 43
High resistance outside temperature sensor circuit

50 52
Short circuit in sun sensor circuit

53 59
Sun sensor measured value is not supplied

60 62
Fault in the interior temperature sensor of the fan circuit

63 69
Indoor temperature sensor measured value is not supplied

70 72
Short circuit in engine cooling temperature sensor circuit (air conditioning)

71 73
High resistance in engine cooling temperature sensor circuit (air conditioning)

NFF (no error found)

90 99
Internal error

Credits to @RedCougarGirl. She has alot of Instruction on her site Unfortunately its all in German but Google Translate can help you guys with that haha.

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Hello, this is the lane after several coats of antioxidant and one of gray paint.

This is the famous seat hitch, rudimentary?

This is the part of the second wheel after brushing and anti-rust treatment before being painted with anti-rust paint.

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Looks great! The rear is much easier.

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Nice! That looks great.
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