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Removing Guage Needles

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I am replacing the guages, but I dont know how to remove the needles? Can anyone help me out? I allready have everything taken apart, just need the last step...

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They need to be pried off. Watch that you don't bend the pin that goes into the needle. They can be a little tough to get off but keep applying steady pressure and try to keep it straight. My gauges came with a tool so if you don't have one, you can use a scew driver or something flat to get underneath them.
OK, I got them off and put the guage face on. Then I put the needles back on, but I must have put them on wrong. My MPH and everything else is messed up. How do I put them back on so the readings are accurate.

Figured it out... Never mind
Pics of the new gauges??
How did you get the gas guage back the way it is supposed to be?????
Before you pull the gas needle, fill up and note the position so you know where it goes when you replace it.
I tried that and it still gets stuck at 3/4 tank and won't go any further..

Any other suggestions?
Make sure the key is turned on when you put the needle back on. Also, make sure you don't push the needle on so far as to make it rub on the gauge face. As long as the tank is full and with these two steps, all should be fine.
Ok this all makes sense, but what about the other needles? How do you make sure you get them right? I just got my gauges and gonna put em on, but I want some Idea of what I'm doing before I pull the thing apart. Now, I know how to do everything else its just getting the needles back where they blong.

Any help is appreciated

Ok, to know where everything goes:

Fill up the gas tank. Note the position of the gas needle.
Take the car out for a good drive and note the position of the temperature needle when the engine is at it's normal operating temperature.
At idle, note the position/rpm of the tach needle.

As soon as you get back, take all needles off and note which goes to what.

Turn key to on (important!)

Place gas and temp needle in before noted positions.

Turn key to ignition and start car.

At idle, place tach needle in before noted position.

M/KPH can be found through the diagnostic mode with the fuel/units/reset button combination. This is the trickiest part of all. I've tried the way that the companies said to do it but it was never even close to being accurate. So, I took it out in a vacant parking lot, put it in diagnostic mode, and drove straight at a slow consistent speed. By looking off of the display, you can place the needle exactly where it needs to be. It may take a couple of times to be perfect.

I hope that helps.
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How do you get it into diagnostic mode?

THis helps out a lot. The biggest one I am having a prob with is the fuel but I think that the mph is off by 5 mph because I was doing 90 by my car and got a ticket for 85.....

Thanx markc . . . . Thats just what I was looking for!

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