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Removing Dealership Vinyl Sticker

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I know there are a couple of other threads that deal with this topic, but I found one that seems to work extremely quickly:

1. Park car in sun for about 1 hour. (Not necessary, but makes this foolproof)
2. Use fingernail on sticker.
3. Use "Blue Magic Tar & Bug Cleaner" (it's available at any Pep Boys/Parts America store for 99 cents)
4. Apply liberally to spot with goo.
5. Let sit 30 seconds.
6. Wipe, wash, wax.

It takes all of five minutes total, once you've heated up the sticker - I noticed a couple of other people used a hair dryer... my only question would be the long-term effects of the heat, should it be applied too long. This way seems pretty foolproof, and the 'Blue Magic' (yes, thats the actual name) is completely clear-coat safe. From what I can tell, it doesn't strip the wax, either.

Maybe this could help someone :)
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i had the hair dryer on medium...and i waved it back and forth for about 10 seconds....poof!! it was loose....after that i took a little Goo-Gone then waxed after it was clean....very simple.

I took mine to the car wash.. Took out the the sprayer tuned it to hot high pressure soap and then held it like a few centimeters from the sticker and blasted at an angle and that puppy and the goo came right off!!! took like 1 min maX!
When washing my car I got the urge to remove mine.

I used my finger nail. No problems at all.
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