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I'm gonna be painting my dash & wanna know how to take this out?? I found 3 screws inside the console, and 1 where the ash tray is... What comes next??

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Pull the ebrake all the way up. Then there are screws on the side down by the passenger and driver side feet. Just follow the plastic around and there is one screw with a matching interior cap on each side of the console. As long as you have the ash tray out and the screws around it out and the screws in the compartment under the arm rest you should be able to disconnect the cigarette lighter and then get it out with a little work. Oh and the stick shift stuff must be off (I have an MTX so the ATX I have no idea). Sorry if you don't understand I'm typing kind of fast. PM me and I will explain it better if you don't understand.

OK here is a pic:
There are two under the ash tray and cigarette ligher and then the ones on the side as idicated by the arrows.
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