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Removing AC for Performancec Gains???

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Ok, I was just thinking, and since I've owned my cougar I think I have used the AC maybe twice.....just to make a passenger happy. SO I'm thinking about removing it. How much does all the AC stuff weigh?

I'm thinking w/ lightweight 17s, racing seats, removed back seats, removed AC, new hood.....the old ATX should be performing nicely.....

Anyway, just yeh.....gains from removing the AC?
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If its anything like my volvo compressor, then its like 50lbs. You'll need a new belt. I say keep it... Itll probly be a hassle, plus that much weight can be taken from elsewhere and its totally transparant as far as parasitic loss (with it off).
Not that big of a deal... keep it in there or you'll be hating life when you try and sell your car..

GrandMasterKahn did some amazing weight reduction... do what he did and you'll be set!
At best, you are talking about removing maybe 150 lbs, if you remove every AC component. Compressor, evap, condenser, accumulator, and all lines. 150lbs at best.

There is absolutly nothing to be gained OTHER than weight reduction. Forgot the whole myth of having one less pulley adding to your power, because that is a false myth. When the AC is not on, the AC clutch is no engaged, so the pulley on the conpressor spins freely.

And not for nothing, but the little weight reduction would not be worth the effort, nor the extreme loss of resale value and comfort.

Leave the AC system alone, that is your best bet.

Oh, and stop listening to your import friends....they will only lead you down the wrong path.
For the love of God, Balla- What is your purpose?

The Cougar is a sub-$20,000 Ford sports coupe. It's not a Nissan Skyline, it's not a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, it's not an Escort Cosworth. What are you trying to do, other than brag that you have all this "weight reduction" that would make your pathetic attempts to race on the street all the more dangerous for the rest of the human beings that most obviously inhabit "your" world?

You want faster? Sh*t or get off the pot. Spend the money like the rest of us. Get the Streetflight. Get the Vortech. Get the hybrid. Horsepower costs money- How fast do you wanna go? From your posts not only on this topic but previous and in multiple forums that you expect the acceleration of a MacLaren F1 or Ferrari F50. It will not in any stretch of your otherwise limited imagination make the Cougar into anything but the sub-$20,000 Ford Sports Coupe that you (or your parents) purchased. I keep waiting for the "Type R" stickers to begin to spring up, befouling your sub-par performing sub-$20,000 Ford sports coupe. Did I mention that the Cougar is a sub-$20,000 Ford sports coupe?!

Oh, and by the way- Weight savings on the A/C compressor, condenser, dryer, evaporator, lines, and controls will be about 50-60lbs, about the weight of a half a tank of gas. Do your "racing" with a 1/4 tank of fuel instead of 3/4, and you net the same effect.
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Type R stickers hahahaha....
Or do what I am doing sell your car and get a faster one that is ready to go....I can't wait (04 BMW M3 Coupe Baby!!!)
Holy Hell, I'm back in the twilight (sp) zone. WHAT he wants to remove his AC that he never uses to gain a little power? BWAHAH stupid kid wanting his car to be a ferrari and run 10s bwahhahaha.

DO NOT read into my posts. I asked a simple question, and it only needed a simple answer. I have never said I wanted my cougar to run 10s. I have never said that I think my cougar is a super fast crazy drag car. I am very tired of everyone trying to turn each and everyone of my posts into a ludacris attempt at turning me into a ricer idiot. And I know by responding in this way I am doing exactly what you expected me to. Whatever....

Ever gotten into dbdrag? People scrap over each and every tenth of a decibal, even though they can't HEAR the difference. Are they crazy or are they enthusiasts.

This post was directed towards DanG and AEM. Fett I was only referring to the weight loss, don't worry I'm not that insane.
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dude balla, u did say in one of your post u wanted to run 10s, but dude give up the dream of having a fast atx, i know i did. buy a mtx. or jsut wait till u get older and out of highschool to get a better and faster car.
HHHhhhhhmmmmmmmm! and my window sticker says $22,660.00, before taxes... :ugh:

I can't blame you for trying, ever little bit of weight reduction does help.. Consider moving the battery to the back first.. Remember a .01 sec here, a .01 sec there.. pretty soon you are in the sub 16 second bracket.. ;)
Exactly Mr. Froge and that is ALL I want. A mid 15 second cougar without doing anything insane (by my standards) like a custom turbo, s/c, or transmission swap. I'm all for nitrous however.

[edit] And I may consider a 3.0 swap because by what many people say....its a fairly simple process, its just all in the proper tuning.
CougarBalla, There are plenty of ways of getting rid of useless chunks of metal in the cougar to shave about 300lbs easily. You may check my old Weight Reduction post which im sure you have. Also If you talk with me directly i can help you do all those weight reduction mods.

I know of racing seats which weigh only 14.7lbs each!!! < thats a great start there. (the stock seats (front+rear) and the 4 seat belt assemblies weigh about 130+lbs)

The AC system probably doesnt weight much. 60lbs at most. But if your all about the weight reduction that component is STILL one of the hardest to remove.

I highly recommend battery relocation. It will move about 40lbs to the rear of the car. Helping handing by a good bit.

even weight reduction can cost money, if you go all out. But its the cheapest way to gain in the 1/4 and save on gas. Yes thats right my cougar jumped from 27mpg highway to 35mpg on the highway!!
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Originally posted by: CougarBalla2k5
\[edit] And I may consider a 3.0 swap because by what many people say....its a fairly simple process, its just all in the proper tuning.
Fairly simple hey??? hehehe...
one thing people forget about moving the battery to the rear for weight reduction is you end up adding about 10-15lbs in wiring alone.

them 0 guage wires are heavy... yeah you can use slightly lighter 2 guage wireing but it still weighs some...
:rolleyes: <shakes head> Precisely what I expected. <shrug> No helping some folks, I guess.
Dan I really don't understand what your problem is. I didn't know how much the AC and all weighed. If it weighed 500 lbs would my question have been okay? You are being a total ass for no reason at all. Get the Vortech? Hmm....Think I have an ATX..same with the turbo. I'm trying to work with what I've got. I can't believe you are trying to put me down for trying to get any performance any way I can, does it make you feel like a bigger man to do it or something?

[edit] And incase that "performing nicely" part from my first post is throwing you off, all that means is a good 300 lb weight drop should set me solid in the high 16s where I should be.
I don't understand the concept of relocating the battery.
I tried it.
it was nice without the battery there but from a holeshot I
lost traction. He hasn't really mentioned handling he's mostly
talked about 1/4 mile times. If you are planning on running
fast with alot of hp keep the battery up front.
these aren't RWD cars

Unless it's t/c or s/c then it has to go in the back.

Balla we have named thousands of mods you could do since you have started
posting have you even tried any of them?
P.S. leave your ac where it's at and do some real engine mods.
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Well when one relocates the battery you also remove the battery bracket. Which is a failry heavy peice. Its not as heavy as the 2 gauge wire i used. But it still helps to balance things out. My system will be reinstalled in the trunk...having the battery back there will making wireing much easier.

I am in the process of reinstalling my interior. But with no interior and 1 racing seat my car would weigh 2650lbs. (thats with the kit and 19s) Unfortunatly the 02 ATXers weigh about 230 lbs more than an mtx 99.
Enough. Balla, you appear to not only have missed the point, but that you never understood what the point was. PM me if you'd care to converse off-line without reverting to your standard fare of childish insults.

Case closed everyone?
Originally posted by: CougarBalla2k5
Dan I really don't understand what your problem is. I didn't know how much the AC and all weighed. If it weighed 500 lbs would my question have been okay? You are being a total ass for no reason at all.
No, he not being a total ass. I don't think you are either, but what you are is annoying none the less.

Your all talk and no go. Have you gutted your precats yet? A $5 mod yet you can find time to post endless after endless question... even if you don't have tons of $$$ there is still alot of work that you can be doing, but all you find time to do it type.

Prove that your serious by actually doing what we are telling you to do. Then you will gain respect. Until then your not worth anyones time.
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