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First off I'll let you know, I searched and found a bit about removing 99-00 consoles and many of the pictures disappeared. Anyways, heres my plans. My center console doesn't have the arm rest on it. I ordered what I believe to be all the parts I will need to replace it with a new 2001 center console (with armrest). I have an ATX and I was reading (Crispy??) a thread saying it was a pain to remove these with ATX's. I guess I'm not TOO worried about breaking the OD wires as I plan on putting an aftermarket shifter in as well (but if I don't have to, even better). I guess what I'm looking for is a step by step procedure to do this without breaking anything. I will post the parts I ordered here to so if anyone knows if I am missing something, let me know.


YS8Z-63045A36-AAA --- Console Assembly
XS8Z-6313562-AAA --- Beverage Holder
YS8Z-6306202-AAA --- Coin Holder
YS8Z-6306024-CAA --- Arm Rest
YS4Z-2A713-BAA --- E-Brake Boot

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Contact Gary, or Zman... I know both have removed their center consoles.

I just did the center console in my 2001, and it wasn't bad. Just removed the two screws in the bottom of the area between the seats, removed the screws and plastic set pieces in the front, removed the shifter (many how-tos on the board for this one), then jacked the parking brake back as straight as I could get it and lifted out the console. Took about 10 minutes, and nothing was damaged. Everything went back together with the same amount of work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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